Bill Cox

Company / Business / Position:  School teacher at St Joseph’s Lochinvar
Background in Cycling?  I have been racing bikes for 49 years and have been an Australia Masters Track Champion, as well as placing in a number of Australia Road and Track Championships. I am still actively involved in racing, coaching and as a Commissionaire. I hope to continue racing for many more years. 
How did you get involved with Ride for Sick Kids? I became involved in the first Ride for Sick Kids through my relationship with a number of McDonald’s licencees and I was invited to help these men develop their riding skills.  I have had a nephew who developed Leukemia and spent a lot of time at Ronald McDonald House, as well as having taught kids who have stayed at the House.  I didn’t hesitate to accept this invitation.
What keeps you coming back year after year? I am the only rider who has completed every kilometre of every ride and keep coming back to join inspiring people to raise funds for a great cause.  To see the families along the way and when we arrive at The House is inspiring and makes me want to continue to help out in a way that I enjoy.  I enjoy the camaraderie and have seen some of these men develop as cyclists of fantastic ability. 
Your Motto? Any suffering I endure on this ride is insignificant when compared to what these kids and their families go through.

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